Beach Cleanup in Ensenada and World Migratory Bird Day 2019

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By Jonathan Vargas

Last Saturday, September 21, 2019, the beach cleanup in front of Pacifica at Ensenada Bay was carried out.

It was quite a pleasant day where the environmental conditions were on our side, with an excellent climate we received around 200 volunteers who answered the call to clean the beaches, and who enthusiastically participated in the birdwatching activities where they received materials on World Migratory Bird Day.

This year in Ensenada we carried out the cleaning in collaboration with our friends from Pacifica at Ensenada Bay, who at all times were supporting the coordination and logistics of the event.

Limpieza Internacional Costera en Ensenada, 2019

We saw the great disposition of people, who arrived very early and quickly began to clean the beach, separate and count the waste, and then move on to birdwatching in the module that we had prepared to serve them.

During the observation, each team was informed about the importance of migratory birds, and the conservation problems they face due to plastic pollution, and how with their help cleaning the beach, they are contributing to the conservation of vulnerable species, such as the snowy plover and other migratory birds from Bahía de Todos Santos.

In the end, each team was able to take a good memory with some of the materials donated by Environment for the Americas (EFTA), and we ended up very happy to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day.

Beach cleanup results

  • We collected 759 pounds of trash (344.5 kilos).
  • The most abundant type of waste we found were plastic bottles and glass.
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Items collected

  • Cigarette butts: 2500
  • Pieces of plastic: 1463
  • Pieces of glass: 692
  • Plastic bottle caps: 536
  • Plastic lids: 385
  • Metal caps: 349
  • Food wrappers: 325
  • Foam: 318
  • Plastic straws: 180
  • Glass bottles: 139

The strangest thing

A refrigerator!

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