About us

Who we are

We’re a Mexican nonprofit organization committed to the conservation and protection of the wildlife and natural ecosystems of Baja California.

Terra Peninsular was founded in 2001 by a group of people interested in protecting the natural heritage of the region.

What we do

We focus on the long-term protection of natural areas through a volunteer conservation model in which private and communal lands can be certified as conservation areas.

Our conservation strategy includes legal protection, adaptive management and continuous work with communities.

We have a presence in northwestern Mexico and our conservation efforts are concentrated in the western coast of ​​Baja California, mainly in Ensenada, Sierra San Pedro Martir, San Quintin and El Rosario.


To conserve and protect the natural ecosystems and wildlife of the Baja California peninsula.


The natural resources of the Baja California peninsula are protected and managed for sustainable uses that are compatible with ecological processes.

Our strategy

Land Protection

We identify priority sites of great natural importance and apply the most appropriate management models to guarantee the long-term conservation of these areas.

Adaptive Management

We carry out conservation activities such as biological monitoring, surveillance programs, attention to visitors in nature reserves, infrastructure maintenance and restoration actions.

Community Engagement

We promote the active participation of civil society and local communities in conservation activities through community participation.


  • So far we have certified 4 nature reserves that are home to endangered plants and animals.
  • 5 Bird Festivals have been organized to raise awareness about the importance of protecting birds.
  • 37 sites of archaeological value were identified in the nature reserves, which highlights the importance of the historical heritage of the region.
  • Thanks to the monitoring of mammals, in 2018 we rediscovered the San Quintin kangaroo rat. This species now has a safe habitat in the nature reserves.
  • We received the Partners in Flight award in recognition of the management, conservation, or restoration of landbird habitat or species, as well as our community engagement approach and the design of the San Quintin Bay Bird Festival.

How our projects are funded

We submit proposals to national and international foundations to receive funding.

We receive donations from people and companies interested in protecting nature and wildlife.

We have a catalog of cause-marketing products, from which we receive a percentage of the sales.

Throughout the year we launch fundraising campaigns.

Partners and allies

To achieve our goals, we work together with government institutions, organizations, companies, universities and foundations from all over the world.

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