Work areas

We have a presence in northwestern Mexico, and our conservation efforts are focused on ​​Baja California’s mediterranean region

Baja California
Noroeste de México

Areas destined for conservation

San Quintin Nature Reserve

Los Montes de San Pedro


San Quintin Ramsar Site

Coastal area in San Quintin

WHSRN sites

San Quintin Lagoon Complex

Bahia Todos Santos

San Quintin

Mirador Monte Ceniza

Stations and trails

Thanks to the support of local communities and temporary employment programs, there are different interpretive stations and trails.

Volcanes San Quintín

San Quintin volcanic valley

At least 12 volcanic cones are found in the valley. Some of them are located inside the nature reserves.

Why Baja California?

Baja California
  • The only region with a Mediterranean climate in Mexico. Worldwide there are only 5 areas with this climate.
  • The peninsula offers resting and feeding sites for thousands of migratory birds, this network of sites is known as the Pacific Flyway.
  • An important region of endangered endemic plants is concentrated between California and Baja California, the California Floristic Province is known as one of 35 biodiversity hotspots, as they concentrate great richness of species.
  • Baja California has Federal Natural Protected Areas: 2 Flora and Fauna Protection Areas, 4 Biosphere Reserves, in addition to 10 Voluntarily Destined for Conservation Areas.