Bighorn Sheep Sighting

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By Antonieta Valenzuela

On November 15, 2015, five Bighorn Sheep were seen at the Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve, an area located in the southern part of Ensenada that is protected and managed by Terra Peninsular.

Jim Riley, friend and collaborator of Terra Peninsular, shared his experience with us. He went on a field trip to this reserve during mid-November along with a group of researchers. Despite the rain, the group first camped at El Rosario to go on an excursion into the valley afterwards. During their trip, they had the opportunity of seeing a herd of five Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis).

What is remarkable about this is that this endangered species was seen for the first time in that part of Baja California. For Terra Peninsular, this event represents an accomplishment, for its presence indicates that the reserve is working. Thus, we will continue working to guarantee the protection of the fauna and flora of the reserve, as well as other natural areas.

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