What We Achieved in 2021

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We are very excited to share what we accomplished this year thanks to the support of volunteers, donors and companies interested in protecting the natural heritage of Baja California.

Today we protect over 130,000 acres of natural areas in Ensenada, Sierra de San Pedro Martir, San Quintin and El Rosario through different conservation categories.

These areas are home to endangered wildlife (species such as kangaroo rats, pumas, coyotes, black brantas and snowy plovers), as well as their habitats (wetlands, forests, scrub, volcanoes and beaches).

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Thank you Hollie Böllen!

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Thank you to Hollie Böllen, their team and clients for joining the protection of Baja California’s wildlife by purchasing cause marketing products.

All proceeds will go to conserve the nature reserves, which are home to these incredible species.

As part of our catalog of cause marketing products, in 2021 we launched a campaign called Habitantes de la Baja to sell stuffed animals of 5 representative species. Hollie Böllen, a doughnuts company, was a point of sale in Ensenada.

What Is a Park Ranger?

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By Vitza Cabrera

A park ranger is the person involved in the protection and preservation of natural, historical or cultural areas, according to the International Federation of Park Rangers. Therefore, a park ranger protects natural resources, and teaches us the importance of the area we visit.

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Responsible Tourism Meeting

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By Mirna Borrego and Vitza Cabrera

Given the growing demand of visitors at the natural areas in San Quintin, together with the Secretariat of Sustainable Economy and Tourism we convened the first meeting for responsible tourism aimed at local and regional tourism service providers.

The goal was to provide information on the importance of good practices and recommendations to visit the protected natural areas of the bay, such as the Punta Mazo and Monte Ceniza nature reserves, as well as the wetlands of international importance.

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The Work of Forest Firefighters

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By Charlotte Vizzuett and Antonieta Valenzuela 

The forest firefighters are the members of the brigades, firefighters and park rangers that participate in the fight of wildfires in Baja California.

During 2020, 141 fires were registered in Baja California, affecting more than 79,000 hectares and 7,717 days per person were dedicated to fighting the fires in the state. In addition, 9 out of 10 fires registered in Mexico have been caused by human activities.

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Sixth San Quintin Bay Bird Festival

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The sixth edition of the San Quintin Bay Bird Festival was possible thanks to 200 people. This year we launched a virtual and in-person schedule to celebrate migratory shorebirds that come to the bay every year. More than 35,000 migratory shorebirds rest and feed in this natural sanctuary that we protect every day.

The pillars of this edition were citizen science and community art. First, we inaugurated the festival with the birdwatching marathon, a fun competition that allowed participants to find and observe birds surrounded by nature.

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TRAVESIA art exhibition

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A glance into the natural world of San Quintin

For centuries art has been a tool that has helped us to know and understand the natural world. Before cameras existed, explorers and painters showed us the nature that surrounded them through drawings, painting and other disciplines.

The collective exhibition Travesia (journey in English) seeks to share the source of inspiration that nature provides. It’s part of the San Quintin Bird Festival and the Community Engagement program.

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10 Benefits of the Natural Protected Areas in San Quintin

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By Vitza Cabrera, Mirna Borrego and Antonieta Valenzuela

San Quintin is a unique place surrounded by wetlands, dunes, sandy beaches and volcanoes, many of these sites are within protected natural areas, which are spaces of great natural beauty that provide many benefits.

  1. Contribute to productive activities
  2. Help purify the air we breathe
  3. Improve your emotional well-being and reduce stress
  4. Economic benefits
  5. Protection against natural disasters
  6. Safeguard our history and culture for future generations
  7. Outdoor activities
  8. Preserve the natural wealth of Mexico and the world
  9. Provide refuge and resting place for thousands of birds
  10. Protection to wildlife
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