Marine Conservation Projects in San Quintin

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By Ricardo Domínguez

Did you know that we have been working on marine conservation projects since 2017? So far we have focused our efforts in San Quintin Bay, which is considered one of the best conserved wetlands in Baja California.

San Quintin is a unique place that has certain oceanographic features that makes it a key site for marine biodiversity.

Photo by Bryan Gerardo

In 2016, we joined the Waterkeeper Alliance to maintain the bay a healthy ecosystem.

As part of our commitments with the alliance, each year we organize a beach cleanup to raise awareness by showing the effect trash has on marine ecosystems.

Also, we carry out biological monitoring on the rocky intertidal and seagrass meadows, this helps us generate data to find negative impacts, and make decisions that enhance the health of the bay.

Photo by Bryan Gerardo

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This article appears in the issue no. 19 (July 2020) of Mediterranews magazine

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