Sites of Archaeological Value Found in Southern Baja California

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Through a collaboration between Terra Peninsular and the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), 10 sites with graphic-rock art manifestations that could be around 3 thousand years old were found in the southern area of Baja California.

The remains are located in different ranches in El Rosario, south of the Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve, one of the state’s natural protected areas, said the exploration team formed by archaeologists of the National Institute of Anthropology and History and staff members of Terra Peninsular.

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Working Together to Protect the Natural Areas of San Quintin

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Baja California has an extensive territory full of natural wonders, one of them are the wetlands of San Quintin Bay, which besides being a place rich in flora and fauna, also has blue carbon. 

With that in mind, the Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development together with Terra Peninsular organized a tour to the wetlands and natural protected areas.  

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Ranger From Baja California Among Global Award Winners

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Felipe León, one of the park rangers of the Sierra San Pedro Martir National Park, in Baja California, Mexico, received the International Ranger Award, which recognizes the exceptional work of rangers in protected and conserved places around the world.

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Plastic-free San Quintin

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A few months ago we asked for your support to vote for a project we were competing in. We received many votes, but we didn’t win. After that, a second vote was held among the members of the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) and they decided to fund our project!

Photo by Sofía Garduño.

This is great news! This project is now possible thanks to the support of all the people who joined in by voting and sharing this project.

This summer we will begin with the project to reduce plastic pollution in San Quintin, and some of the activities we will do are:

  • Organize beach and wetland cleanups.
  • Develop an awareness program about the impact of plastic pollution.
  • Remove abandoned plastic structures in the bay.

Having a clean, plastic-free bay benefits wildlife, as well as the health and well-being of people who engage in outdoor activities, such as kayaking, and productive activities, such as fishing.

Join us and help us keep the bay clean! 

I Don’t Need a a Bag, Thank You

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By Laura Paulina López Orozco

Talking about plastic bags is not uncommon. Each time we find more information about this item that has revolutionized our lives and continues to be part of our everyday life. Although different findings about plastic bags have been found, being aware of this helps to be more practical when acquiring, using and discarding them, or better yet to look for new styles of bags to carry or store our things.

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Natural Protected Areas in Baja California

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By Verónica Meza and Antonieta Valenzuela

In Baja California we can find terrestrial and marine natural areas with high biological richness and environmental value, these areas have different protection categories. Currently there are over 500 natural protected areas in Mexico that represent over 90 million hectares. This is part of the efforts of the federal government through the Commission of Natural Protected Areas, also known as Conanp. 

There are 20 natural protected areas in Baja California in the following categories:

  • 3 national parks.
  • 2 flora and fauna protection areas.
  • 4 biosphere reserves.
  • 11 areas voluntarily destined for conservation.
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Message From the Board President

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By Rosi Bustamante, President

Terra Peninsular was born from a love for the land: for plants, animals, landscapes, and living in harmony with each other. I know it sounds naïve, but dreaming is the first step to making them a reality.

I had the honor of growing up in Baja California, in Kumiai lands, in a family that loves the peninsula and the countryside, beaches and quails, traveling and exploring the unique charm that our great Baja California offers.

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Combining Biology and Photography

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By Carolina Mildred Rivera

Almost at the end of my university life, one of my dreams came true. For a long time,  I have dreamed of traveling to little-known places to explore and marvel at nature, and at the same time, to show others what my eyes observed, just like in the nature and wildlife documentaries that I watched many times as a child.

I visited Baja California in 2018 and met the staff members of Terra Peninsular. I was amazed at their activities and goals to protect nature, so I did not hesitate to go back the next year when I was accepted to do my internship with them during the summer.

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How Many Nature Reserves Are in San Quintin?

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By Antonieta Valenzuela

Baja California is a unique place where you can find a variety of landscapes: sandy beaches, mountains, pine forests, wetlands, matorral, agaves, volcanoes and amazing sunsets. Due to urban growth, these natural areas are more vulnerable; the habitats of thousands of plants and animals are in danger of being destroyed.

Our mission is to protect natural areas, and one way to do it is through a certificate by the federal government known as Area Destined for Conservation.

In the region of San Quintin and El Rosario there are 4 nature reserves certified in this category:

  • Punta Mazo Nature Reserve.
  • Monte Ceniza Nature Reserve.
  • Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve.
  • San Quintin Nature Reserve.
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Art exhibition: Travesía

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A glance into the natural world of San Quintin

For centuries art has been a tool that has helped us to know and understand the natural world. Before cameras existed, explorers and painters showed us the nature that surrounded them through drawings, painting and other disciplines.

The collective exhibition Travesia (journey in English) seeks to share the source of inspiration that nature provides. It’s part of the San Quintin Bird Festival and the Community Engagement program.

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