Cleaning and Restoring Wetlands in San Quintín

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By Bárbara Ramírez

As part of Terra’s Participation and Awareness Strategy, a couple of months ago we began to work with the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) and the communities of Chapala and La Chorera in a Temporary Employment Program (PET). The main objectives of this program included cleaning and restoration of the wetlands located in San Quintín Bay, as well as the construction of two interpretive stations (interactive and informative stops for visitors).

For the first part of this project and thanks to the enthusiasm of 130 people of both communities, at the end of the day 30 tons of trash were collected within an area of approximately 60 miles.

As a result of this joint effort, Terra Peninsular established trust and friendship with the residents of San Quintín Bay.

Meanwhile, the second part of this program alongside SEMARNAT focused on the construction of two interpretive stations named La Ola (located in Punta Mazo Nature Reserve) and Mirador Valle Volcánico. For this project, our friends from Taller Ciruela helped us with their creative abilities, while our friends from the communities contributed with the technical part of the project.

The results of this collective effort, which began with the Temporary Employment Program, are captured in a series of videos that also express Terra’s achievements of the last couple of months. These videos were made thanks to our friends from Cactus Films and Meltí.

You can see the results achieved through our collective efforts in the videos below. By showing the beauty of San Quintín Bay and its natural landscapes, we invite the community to help us protect these beautiful places, there’s always room for more volunteers. Terra Peninsular would like to thank everyone who has helped us with our projects, we are very happy with the results and are sure that by continuing to join forces we can achieve a lot more.

This project is just a small part of the work we do at Terra Peninsular. It’s also a closer view at what we have achieved in San Quintín Bay with the help of the people who believe in us as an organization.