Executive Management

César Guerrero

Executive Director

César has a scientific background, a naturalistic vocation and has always had an interest in the study of life. He began his career at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Biology. He continued his academic studies in the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada to pursue a master’s degree in Marine Ecology from the Department of Biological Oceanography.

César always wanted to specialize in marine and coastal environments, and during some part of his life, he focused his efforts on trying to understand fisheries throughout the peninsula as well as the interactions between touristic activities and sharks in Guadalupe Island. However, in recent years he has acquired experience in developing and managing terrestrial conservation projects.

For six years now, he has been leading the most important private land conservation project in the Mediterranean region of Baja California, which supports the conservation of over 57,000 acres of habitats in this globally biodiversity hotspot.

As a nature enthusiast, César enjoys outdoor activities. Time and time again, he has explored the Baja California coast bringing work and outdoor recreational activities together at the same time he promotes awareness and the responsible use of natural resources. His main philosophy is to share the habitat with all the species that are part of it and demolish the paradigm that nature conservation and economic development are opposites.