Introducing our first cause-marketing product

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During the 15th anniversary celebration, Terra Peninsular’s first cause-marketing product was officially presented: a bourbon porter style beer named Branta Negra elaborated by Cervecería Escafandra, a local brewery.

Bárbara Ramírez, leader of the Department of Development and Communications, explained that the project was originated on the idea of approaching a different public with an attractive product to raise awareness on the conservation of natural areas in Baja California.

She added that due to the recent recognition of the cuisine, wine and craft beer in Baja California, and especially in Ensenada, it was decided that the first cause-marketing product would be a craft beer.

Since the origins of the association are in San Quintin Bay and the black brant is one of the most representative migratory birds in the area, it seemed logical to name the cause-marketing product after the species. Furthermore, the presence of the beer in the market will match the brant’s wintering period, from late October to March or April; although a first limited edition of 300 bottles is already for sale.

The profits from the cause-marketing product will go to protection projects of the black brant’s habitat, a migratory bird that flies from Alaska to winter in northwestern Mexico; San Quintín Bay and other coastal lagoons in Baja California are some of the wintering sites of the black brant.

This is how Branta Negra, Terra Peninsular’s first cause marketing product was borned: a seasonal bourbon porter style beer, robust and elegant.