Join the Beach Cleanups in Baja California

Organizations and authorities invited the community to participate in the International Coastal Cleanup that will be held on September 22 and 23, 2018 in Baja California, this as part of a global movement launched by the Ocean Conservancy.

Up to now, 34 companies, groups, educational institutions, nonprofit organization and environmental authorities have joined the initiative. In previous years, each organization carried out beach cleanups and this year will be the first time that the event is held together as an initiative.

Through join efforts in different sites the goal is to collect as much trash as possible and to raise awareness to keep the beaches clean and avoid garbage ending up in the oceans, since this can cause serious problems in wildlife, people’s health and even affecting economic activities, such as fishing.

At the press conference, the organizers invited the population to join this international effort to clean the beaches and keep the oceans trash free. People of all ages can participate and the recommendations are to wear a cap, comfortable footwear, sunscreen, water bottlers (not disposable water bottles), fruit, and thick gloves.

With the objective of identifying the waste present on the beaches and developing protection strategies, during the cleanups the different types of waste (cigarette butts, plastic bottles, cans, etc.) will be separated and weighed. After that, the total amount of garbage collected in each site will be sent to the Ocean Conservancy and this information will be added to the international report that will be published in

In addition, the members of the initiative will share the results on October 3, 2018 at the Environmental Expo of the Secretariat of Environmental Protection in Ensenada.

Cleaning sites

The cleanups will take place on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 September, and they will be carried out simultaneously in different sites of Baja California and Baja California Sur.

On Saturday September 22, the cleanups will take place in Isla de Cedros, Villa Jesús María, Bahía de Los Ángeles, Puertecitos, La Misión, Guerrero Negro and Laguna San Ignacio, while in Ensenada the cleanups will be in Estero de Punta Banda, the beach in front of La Lagunita-Pacifica, Playa Hermosa, Conalep, San Miguel and 3 Emes beach.

And on Sunday September 23, in San Quintín the cleanups will take place in the wetlands of Chapala, El Arco, Molino Viejo, Panteón Inglés, Punta Azufre, and the Punta Mazo and Monte Ceniza nature reserves, as well as at the Santo Domingo creek, San Ramón beach and Laguna Figueroa.

As part of the initiative, on October 27, beach cleanups will also be carried out in the Upper Gulf of California in the communities of Puerto Lobos, San Jorge, Puerto Peñasco and the Gulf of Santa Clara, Sonora; in Baja California it will be in San Felipe, Puertecitos and San Luis Gonzaga.

The detailed information about the meeting points and cleaning schedules of each site will be published in the event on Facebook called International Coastal Cleaning.


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