Premiere of the video “We are all park rangers”

Good news! We were one of the five winning organizations in the contest Cineminuto Social of the Grupo Mexico Foundation, through its Conciencia Cinemex program.

As part of the award, our video “We are all park rangers” will be screened in over 250 movie theaters in Mexico before the movies start. If you have the opportunity, go to any Cinemex movie theater to watch a movie and the video!

Terra Peninsular team.

To celebrate this achievement, we held an event at Cinemex Peninsula in Tijuana, where we were joined by over 150 people, including the general public, Board members, park rangers, people from the communities of San Quintin, donors, organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies. Thank you to everyone who joined us!

That day we also presented the photographic exhibition “We are all park rangers: protecting San Quintin Bay”. Through this exhibition of 12 photographs we want people to learn about the natural areas we protect and reflect on the importance of recognizing the work of park rangers. Soon you will be able to see this exhibition in Ensenada.

Executive Director, Fernando Gavito, during the event.

About the video

  • This 60-second video aims to raise awareness about the work of park rangers, as their role is fundamental in the protection of natural areas.
  • It was filmed at two sites in San Quintin: in the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve, one of the areas we protect, and in La Chorera, a community near to this area.
  • Participants included people from the community and one of our park rangers.
  • The video will be screened before the movies start in more than 250 movie theaters in Mexico until July 19, 2023.
People of the local community and one of the park rangers participated in the video.
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