San Quintin residents learn to recycle tires

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In Mexico, 50 tires are thrown away every minute, that is, 25 million tires every year and 250 million in 10 years.

This was explained by Patricia García and Hugo López from Taller de Reutilización de Llantas (a local group that seeks to promote tire recycling) during a workshop given in San Quintin on June 10 and 11, 2017.

At the workshop participated 14 people from two local communities of San Quintin, Chapala and La Chorera and it aimed to promote the culture of recycling and taking care of the environment through reusing tires.

For two days, the participants learnt to create different articles from used tires, such as jars, chairs and tables. They too learnt about the negative impacts on the environment caused by tires, since they are special management residues that pollute and last over 500 years before degrading.

Besides, open burning of used tires has negative impacts on the health because of the release of toxins, this also contributes to global warming.

The biologist Patricia García explained that the workshop seeks to promote the adequate management of tires and also to produce new employment alternatives by creating and selling articles made by used tires.

The workshop had a positive outcome, since the participants became interest in the subject and organized to create articles, restore local parks and other areas with games, charis and furtniteds.

This project was funded by the organization Fondo de Acción Solidaria (FASOL).



The group Taller de Reutilización de Llantas was created in 2012 in Ensenada and promotes the recycling culture and the environment protection through the creation of useful products.

For more information, please email to or send a message through their Facebook fan page.


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