Terra Peninsular Receives Recognition for Environmental Work

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By Bárbara Ramírez

The company Promotora Ambiental recognized Terra Peninsular for its work in favor of the environment during the 2017 period.

The event took place on March 2, 2018 at the Las Rosas hotel in Ensenada, where Promotora Ambiental recognized companies, civil associations and government institutions for their contribution in environmental and social projects that promote an environmental culture and the sustainable development of our community.

The Executive Director of Terra Peninsular, César Guerrero, received the recognition through Luis Ricardo Torres McMillan, representative of Promotora Ambiental in Ensenada.


During his presentation, César Guerrero spoke about the work that Terra Peninsular is doing, the conservation strategies and some of the projects in which the organization is currently working on.

The Executive Director also mentioned that the economic development of a region goes hand in hand with sustainability and made an invitation to join efforts and work together in favor of the nature and society of the region.

At Terra Peninsular we would like to thank Promotora Ambiental for recognizing the work we do in Baja California, this distinction is an opportunity that marks the first step towards economic development that makes a sustainable use of the natural resources that we have in our magnificent region.