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We have been working for more than two decades to protect Baja California and one of the places where we focus our efforts is San Quintin Bay. 

This year we are participating in a contest of the European Outdoor Conservation Association, and if we win we will develop a project to reduce plastic pollution in the bay!

Photo by Sofía Garduño.

This project is a great opportunity to promote the responsible use of San Quintin. Plastic has harmful effects on the environment and wildlife: thousands of fish, birds and marine mammals are killed each year by plastic bags, abandoned fishing nets and other debris. 

If we are selected among the three winning organizations, we will develop a two-year project to:

  • Remove plastic trash from the bay.
  • Create an awareness program about the impact of plastic pollution.
  • Organize beach cleanups.
Photo by Sofía Garduño.

A clean bay brings many benefits to wildlife and people’s health, as well as being attractive to visitors, attracting more tourism that benefits the entire area.

Join us! Vote for our project between April 20 and May 4, 2022.

How to vote?

  1. Visit EOCA’s Project Voting website.
  2. Choose the category Water.
  3. Find our project Reducing Plastic Pollution in San Quintín Bay, Mexico.
  4. Click on Vote! You can only vote once in each category and by electronic device.
Photo by Laura Tamayo.

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