What Is a Park Ranger?

Guardaparques en las reservas naturales
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By Vitza Cabrera

A park ranger is the person involved in the protection and preservation of natural, historical or cultural areas, according to the International Federation of Park Rangers. Therefore, a park ranger protects natural resources, and teaches us the importance of the area we visit.

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Some of their activities are:

  • Monitor and protect natural areas.
  • Welcome and attend visitors at the nature reserves.
  • Carry out biological monitoring of the area.
  • Provide first aid.
  • Prevent and control wildfires.
  • Be a link between visitors and institutions.
  • Submit environmental complaints.

Park rangers are the key piece in the protection of more than 130,000 acres of natural areas in Baja California. Without them, ensuring the well-being of the nature reserves we protect would be a very difficult task.

Some of the staff members have lived the experience of working as park rangers for a week. Read the story here.

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