10 Benefits of the Natural Protected Areas in San Quintin

San Quintín
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By Vitza Cabrera, Mirna Borrego and Antonieta Valenzuela

San Quintin is a unique place surrounded by wetlands, dunes, sandy beaches and volcanoes, many of these sites are within protected natural areas, which are spaces of great natural beauty that provide many benefits.

  1. Contribute to productive activities
  2. Help purify the air we breathe
  3. Improve your emotional well-being and reduce stress
  4. Economic benefits
  5. Protection against natural disasters
  6. Safeguard our history and culture for future generations
  7. Outdoor activities
  8. Preserve the natural wealth of Mexico and the world
  9. Provide refuge and resting place for thousands of birds
  10. Protection to wildlife
  1. Contribute to productive activities

Natural areas guarantee that productive activities continue to benefit hundreds of families, as the health of the ecosystem remains in balance. They also help maintain water quality, and therefore allow activities such as oyster farming and fishing. An ecosystem in balance means that the species have stable populations, this allows us to take advantage of the resources for many years without exploiting them.

Recorrido en bote San Quintín
Photo by Terra Peninsular.
  1. Help purify the air we breathe

Wetlands, just like forests, capture carbon dioxide from the air and convert it into the oxygen we breathe. It has even been found that wetlands can capture more dioxide than forests.

Bahía San Quintín
Photo by Terra Peninsular.
  1. Improve your emotional well-being and reduce stress

The pandemic showed us that we need to get out into the wild more than ever. When we approach a natural landscape, such as the beach, wetlands, volcanoes and dunes, we feel more relaxed than in the city, as they help us to relax and reduce stress of the fast-paced life.

Photo by César Medina.
  1. Economic benefits

San Quintín Bay is a protected natural area where we can enjoy activities such as fishing, hiking, surfing, cycling, etc. that create jobs and economic development. There are also groups that visit these areas as part of the ecotourism offer, this provides an economic benefit for both tour operators and the local community. So keeping a healthy and beautiful place attracts many more people who can help create more jobs.

  1. Protection against natural disasters

They protect the bay from irreversible natural disasters that could alter the quality of the water and consequently harm hundreds of families and the ecosystem. The bay is surrounded by coastal dunes, which prevent water from the Pacific Ocean from directly entering Bahia Falsa. This has created an ideal ecosystem for oyster farming, as well as a nursery area for many species of invertebrates, fish and plants. The coastal dunes help in the protection of the bay as they prevent erosion, since they are an obstacle against the wind. Without these coastal dunes this environment would not be possible.

Photo by Bryan Gerardo.
  1. Safeguard our history and culture for future generations

Within the protected natural areas of San Quintin we find sites of high archaeological value, which were also the home and refuge of our ancestors. By keeping these places preserved and with little human presence, we can maintain these spaces without any impact and thus discover how our ancestors lived many years ago. This way we can teach the future generations a way of life that respects nature and to learn about our native communities.

Se encontraron 37 sitios de valor arqueológico mediante una colaboración con el INAH.
Photo by INAH.
  1. Outdoor activities

Some of these activities are hiking, kayaking, cycling, nature photography, running, nature festivals, environmental education, research, etc. If the landscape disappears, we will not have natural areas where we can enjoy these activities.

  1. Preserve the natural wealth of Mexico and the world

Mexico is one of the richest countries in terms of flora and fauna, as well as having one of the best preserved wetlands. San Quintín is a place with a great wealth of plants and animals, which you can only find in this place. If we continue to take care of them, we contribute to conserving its natural beauty.

Reserva Natural Punta Mazo.
Photo by Alejandro Arias.
  1. Provide refuge and resting place for thousands of birds

The bay and its protected natural areas are essential for migratory birds that come to rest, reproduce and feed. Birds always look for well-preserved, isolated spaces, without so much noise and with a large amount of food so that they can really rest and regain energy. We have the mission of conserving this space for birds in San Quintin. Without it, birds will look for a more distant place and will simply die on the way when they cannot find a place to rest and eat.

Branta negra San Quintín
Photo by Jonathan Vargas.
  1. Protection to wildlife

Natural areas provide a safe home to plants and animals that are vulnerable to our presence. By losing these species, the entire ecosystem is affected because as we have realized with the pandemic, we are all connected.

Photo by Francisco Perea.