10 Things To Do in San Quintin

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Por Antonieta Valenzuela y Vitza Cabrera

Discover the natural attractions that San Quintin offers: beaches, dunes, wetlands, volcanoes and nature reserves where endangered wildlife is protected.

  1. Visiting the wetlands.
  2. Walking the Monte Ceniza trail.
  3. Visiting the oyster fields.
  4. Taking photos at the Mirador Valle Volcanico.
  5. Eating at La Chorera.
  6. Taking photos of the sunset on the beach.
  7. Climbing the Sudoeste volcano.
  8. Camping.
  9. Surfing.
  10. Learning about the protected natural areas.

1. Visiting the wetlands

The wetlands of San Quintin are one of the most important in the peninsula, they absorb carbon dioxide and are considered as the lungs of Baja California. They are places where you can enjoy kayaking and birdwatching, always remember to be careful and respect the environment, since they are very fragile areas and many birds feed and rest there.

Foto por Mirna Borrego.

To get to the first wetland in Chapala, we recommend following this location on Google Maps. There is also a viewpoint near La Chorera called Mirador Valle Volcanico, from that site you can see the wetlands and volcanoes.

2. Walking the Monte Ceniza trail

In the center of the Monte Ceniza Nature Reserve there is a trail that takes you to a place from where you can see the entire bay and its volcanoes, wetlands and oyster fields. Walk along the trail to avoid damaging the vegetation and to avoid encountering rattlesnakes in the summer.

Sendero en la Reserva Natural Monte Ceniza
Archive photo.

3. Visiting the oyster fields

San Quintin is famous worldwide for the quality and freshness of its oysters. These fields are surrounded by protected natural areas, which helps maintain water quality. This activity represents a source of income for many families.

Reserva Natural Monte Ceniza
Archive photo.

4. Taking photos at Mirador Valle Volcanico

Shortly before La Chorera there is an interpretive station, from there you can observe the wetlands and some of the extinct volcanoes of the bay, such as the Sudoeste volcano. Also, this is the perfect spot to take photos at sunset.

Mirador Valle Volcánico
Archive photo.

5. Eating at La Chorera

La Chorera is a beachfront community located outside San Quintin where you will find a wide variety of seafood options. Remember to bring cash, as many establishments do not accept card payments.

Volcán Sudoeste
Sudoeste volcano in the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve. Photo by Alejandro Arias.

6. Taking photos of the sunset on the beach

Enjoy a day at the beach of La Chorera and take photos of unique sunsets, a little south there is another sandy beach known as El Playon that is inside the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve. In the summer take your precautions, as there are snowy plovers that lay their nests in the upper part of the beach, near the dunes.

7. Going up the Sudoeste volcano

This volcano is located in the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve and there is a path that you can climb to reach the top. Along the way you will see dudleyas, a plant that is only found in the volcanoes of San Quintin. It’s important not to touch or take these plants with you, since they are fragile and part of the ecosystem, better take photos or draw them.

Photo by Alejandro Arias.

8. Camping

There is nothing better than camping and San Quintin has different places to do it, including within protected areas such as Punta Mazo and Monte Ceniza, where you can get away from all the stress of the city and see the stars.

Acampar en Punta Mazo
Photo by Mirna Borrego.

9. Surfing

Within the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve there are several spots frequented by surfers for many years, especially in the area known as La Punta.

Foto cortesía de Nick Moeller
Photo courtesy of Nick Moeller.

10. Learning about the protected natural areas

In Baja California there are many protected areas and in San Quintin today there are 3 areas certified by the federal government: San Quintin Nature Reserve, Monte Ceniza Nature Reserve and Punta Mazo Nature Reserve.


  • Help us keep the bay clean and don’t throw garbage, take a sack or bag with you where you can throw the garbage and then deposit it in a suitable place.
  • Wear sunscreen, a cap or a hat to protect yourself from the heat.
  • Remember to walk on the marked trails, it’s for your safety and to protect nature. 
  • Walk your pets on a leash.
  • Leave what you find! Let other people enjoy the scenery and do not take plants, rocks, shells or other objects with you.

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