Partners in Flight Award

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We received the 2019 Partners in Flight Award!

Partners in Flight Awards

Partners in Flight Awards recognize individuals or groups that contribute significantly to the management, conservation of migratory and resident birds, and restoration of endangered bird habitats in the Americas.

Terra Peninsular was nominated by Jennie Duberstein from Sonoran Joint Venture and we received the Group Stewardship Award, which honors an individual or group that contributes significantly to the management, conservation, or restoration of landbird habitat or species, as well as our community engagement approach and the design of the San Quintín Bay Bird Festival.

We received this award during the 2020 North American Ornithological Conference on August 14, 2020.

Sarahy Contreras (Mexico), Andrew Couturier (Canada), Marvin Torres Gutierrez (Nicaragua), Yolanda Leon (República Dominicana), David Mehlman (US) and Set Net Communications (Nicaragua) also received this award.

About Partners in Flight

Partners in Flight is a dynamic and welcoming network of more than 150 partner organizations distributed throughout the Western Hemisphere. Since 1996 they’re engaged in all aspects of landbird conservation from science, research, planning, and policy development, to land management, monitoring, education, and outreach.