Artwork that traveled to Alaska is back in San Quintin

Protected natural areas provide us with many benefits, one of them is that they are places where we can be close to nature and are the source of inspiration for many people and artists. 

An example of this is the exhibition “Travesía” (journey in English), which we created to showcase the beauty of the bay through art and as part of the San Quintin Bay Bird Festival.

In May this year, a sample of the artwork migrated all the way from San Quintin to the Copper River Shorebird Festival in Alaska. And now they are back!

“People of La Chorera, San Quintin and Vicente Guerrero participated by representing the landscapes and the incredible birds that connect us. This project is the result of the power of observation, art and the alliance between the organization and local communities” said Mirna Borrego, Education and Community Outreach Officer. “We would like to thank the U.S. Forest Service for funding the shipping, the Cordova Chamber of Commerce, Dotty Widmann of The Net Loft and the Cordova Historical Museum for their support”.

“Our intention is that from the paintings we can motivate the community to explore the natural environment, that through art they can carry this conservation message and to be an incentive for us to take action as a community.”

-Julia Celeste, Director and instructor of Espacio de Arte Celeste

“Art is one of the most important movements to communicate with society. Throughout time, art has always been a way in which we express what we feel.”

-Hermelinda Angulo, art teacher at Talleres Artesanales Melinda

Did you know that birds connect our world? San Quintin and Alaska are part of the Pacific Flyway and both cities hold festivals to raise awareness about the importance of protecting birds. Many shorebirds seen in Alaska in the spring will migrate south and you will find many of them here between fall and winter.

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