Branta Negra Beer Takes Flight

Cerveza Branta Negra

Hace algunos años con la jovialidad y emoción de nuestro 15 aniversario emprendimos un proyecto que no hubiera sido posible sin nuestros amigos de Cerveceria Escafandra y A few years ago, with the joy and excitement of our 15th anniversary, we undertook a project that would not have been possible without our friends from Escafandra Brewery and we ventured to give life to Branta Negra beer, our first cause marketing product.

Cerveza Branta Negra

Today, 5 years later, and in the year in which we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are looking for one more adventure in which the Branta Negra takes off on a new flight and leaves behind the nest that Escafandra provided.

We would like to thank Escafandra for their trust and support. It was a great experience, and we are very proud of the project that we created and developed together.

This collaboration comes to an end, but Escafandra is and always will be our ally and friend. At the moment the Branta Negra project is in full flight, once it reaches its destination we will share with you the new adventure.

We also want to thank the fans of the beer, with your purchase you have supported the projects we carry out in San Quintin. You will be able to enjoy this beer for the last time at the Ensenada Beer Fest on September 10 and 11, 2021 at the Escafandra Brewery stand.

Cerveza Branta Negra
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