Collaborations to Create Areas Destined for Conservation

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By Verónica Meza 

During the last 20 years of work to preserve the natural beauty of our state, many partners have been part of the projects to support the creation and maintenance of nature reserves certified as areas destined for conservation.

In addition to these nature reserves, there are other certified areas that have been managed in coordination with other collaborators. This has allowed us to expand the conservation areas of Sierra San Pedro Martir and San Quintin, a wetland of international importance.

These two experiences are an example of the importance of sharing an inclusive vision that seeks to ensure that conservation efforts are achieved through alliances and the sum of joint efforts.

Los Montes de San Pedro 

In 2019, a family of landowners received 3 certificates from the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas to protect more than 4,500 hectares (11,000 acres) in the Sierra de San Pedro Martir National Park’s area of influence.

We participated in this certification process by integrating the technical file and by providing managing support. This effort was part of the conservation actions of the Resilience Project of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) which sought to implement climate change adaptation measures.

Currently, these three areas are preserved thanks to the good management of their owners and the implementation of various ongoing projects in collaboration with the federal government. 

Photo by Aurora Torres.

San Quintin Nature Reserve

Recently, the first state natural protected area in Baja California was certified. The San Quintin Nature Reserve is a 201-hectare site (496 acres) that precedes a state system of protected natural areas that seeks to protect important ecosystems.

This new protected area joins the other two (Punta Mazo and Monte Ceniza) already protected in the bay, and that are part of the San Quintin lagoon complex and volcanic field.

This nature reserve is owned by the State Government and managed by the State Secretariat for Sustainable Economy and Tourism, with which we collaborate in developing coordinated actions that allow us to conserve priority sites both in San Quintin and San Pedro Martir.

Examples of synergy and collaboration between organized civil society, landowners, communities and the State Government such as this one lay the foundations so that different sectors work for the protection of important wildlife areas; undoubtedly, this effort represents a success for the conservation of nature in Mexico.

Certificado Reserva Natural San Quintín
Photo by Roberto Chino.

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