Guide for submitting articles

Mediterranews magazine is published three times a year to share information about our work, and at the same time promote the natural heritage of the region.

Through entertaining articles and amazing photos we want to inspire readers to continue learning more about Baja California and help protect it through different ways. Therefore, articles are informative, entertaining and practical.

Articles are short compared to other magazines, this is because we want to show the information as clearly as possible. We prefer articles written clearly and concisely, with simple and not very technical language. 

This is a magazine for Baja lovers who like to spend time in nature, and enjoy outdoor activities.


  • Natural protected areas.
  • Outdoor activities and ecotourism.
  • How to enjoy nature responsibly.
  • Reviews of movies and books about nature and outdoor activities.
  • Interviews to people involved in conservation, science, nature photographers, etc.
  • Fun facts about plants and animals.
  • Environmental education and science communication.
  • Tips and tutorials (how to take care of our planet, how to enjoy outdoor activities, etc.).
  • Inspiring travel stories in Baja.

Article guidelines


The articles can be submitted in Spanish or in English; Terra Peninsular will translate the article. It is optional to send the article in both languages.


Word file, use 12 point Times New Roman font with single spacing.


Main title of maximum 10 words, is attractive and encourages the reader to delve into the article. It should not present acronyms, scientific terms or abbreviations. 


Body text between 400 and 500 words, give preference to paragraphs between 30 and 40 words.


  • Avoid the excessive use of technical or specialized terms.
  • Give preference to the use of the active voice.
  • Divide content into sections, as well as use bullet points and lists to display information clearly.
  • The texts should be self-explanatory, considering that the reader is not required to have background information. 
  • Depending on the topic, include a call to action at the end to inspire readers to take action.


Since it is an informative magazine, it is not necessary to give specialized references as in a scientific article. It is optional to include references, and if so, present them at the end of the article. 

Professional bio

A name and a surname per author, academic degree and/or level of studies, position and/or institution where he studies or works at the time of writing the article and email.


Please submit between 6 and 8 images to illustrate the most important elements of the article.

The images must be sent attached in JPG, have a minimum size of 300×300 pixels and weigh at least 2 MB. We recommend not sending photos taken with a cell phone and images within Word or PDF documents will not be accepted.

It’s the responsibility of the author or author to obtain permission to use photographs and to put the corresponding credit.

Each photo must be accompanied by a brief description (caption). This can be included within the same document as the article and include a list of photos with file name, brief description of the photo (caption) and author credit. 

We recommend using a chart similar to the one shown below:

File nameCaptionCredit
Photo_001Snowy plover nest on Ensenada beach.Jonathan Vargas
Photo_002The installation of the temporary protection fence was carried out with the help of volunteers.Laura Tamayo

Steps to follow 

  1. Send an email to Antonieta Valenzuela at with the following: document with the article, list with descriptions of each photo and credit, and photographs (attachments or shared links from Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer).
  2. Once the article has been reviewed, the author will be notified via email if the article meets the requirements or if it requires changes, in case of being approved the publication date will be sent (March, July or November).


23September 3, 2021November 17, 2021
24December 13, 2021March 16, 2022
25April 11, 2022July 2, 2022
26August 15, 2022November 16, 2022


  • The editorial staff can make modifications to the original text to adapt it to the style of the journal, propose a different title and request more photographs if those sent by the authors do not meet the requirements described here.
  • The authors agree to the use of the author’s credited materials, including articles and photographs, on social media and other media.

Contact us

Contact us if you’d like to submit an article, ask questions, volunteer translating articles, or to sponsor the magazine.

  • Antonieta Valenzuela