Our Work

Our goal is to guarantee the long-term protection of natural areas, and to achieve it we follow a conservation strategy that includes legal protection, adaptive management and ongoing work with communities.

We develop and implement management actions, land, marine and bird conservation projects, as well as receiving visitors, promoting the Leave No Trace philosophy, and creating educational experiences and outreach projects.


Protection and management

We protect and manage nature reserves that are certified as Areas Destined for Conservation. Also, we have collaborated with the government to certify natural areas.

Land conservation

Projects in the Sierra de San Pedro Martir, Valle Tranquilo and San Quintin. In 2018 we rediscovered the San Quintin kangaroo rat, a species thought to be extinct for over 30 years.

Community engagement and outreach

We create and promote educational and outreach experiences.

Environmental ethics

Through the principles of Leave No Trace, we promote the development of outdoor activities in a sustainable and respectful way with nature.

Marine conservation

We carry out marine conservation projects in San Quintin. We have been a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance since 2016 through the San Quintin Bay Waterkeeper program.

  • Permanent monitoring of wetlands and the intertidal zone.
  • Beach cleanups.

Bird conservation

We carry out monitoring of migratory shorebirds. Every summer we launch the campaign La playa es de todos in Ensenada.

Prevention of wildfires

We collaborate with the Sierra San Pedro Martir National Park and the San Pedro Martir Hotshots to prevent wildfires.

Our work is possible thanks to donations from individuals, companies and foundations around the world interested in protecting the natural heritage of the region.