Our work


Our conservation strategy includes legal protection, adaptive management and ongoing work with communities

We identify priority sites of great natural importance and apply the most appropriate management models to guarantee the long-term conservation of these areas.

We carry out conservation activities such as biological monitoring, surveillance programs, attention to visitors in nature reserves, infrastructure maintenance and restoration actions.

We promote the active participation of civil society and local communities in conservation activities through community participation.


We develop land conservation projects in the Sierra San Pedro Martir, San Quintin and El Rosario, marine projects in San Quintin, beach cleanups, bird conservation projects in Ensenada, environmental ethics outreach projects

Land conservation

Projects in the Sierra de San Pedro Martir, Valle Tranquilo and San Quintin, such as monitoring of mammals in the nature reserves, restoration of habitats, reforestation and control of forest fires, among others. In 2018 we rediscovered the San Quintin kangaroo rat, a species thought to be extinct for over 30 years.

Conservación de aves

Bird conservation

We carry out monitoring of migratory shorebirds. Some of the species of interest are the snowy plover, least tern and black brant. Every summer we launch the campaign La playa es de todos in Ensenada.

Sierra de San Pedro Mártir

Wildland fire management

We collaborate with the San Pedro Martir Hotshots, and organization of wildland firefighters that provide attainable wildland fire management training and consulting services.

Conservación marina

Marine conservation

We carry out marine conservation projects in the San Quintin Bay and carry out permanent monitoring of wetlands and the intertidal zone, as well as participate in the International Coastal Cleanup. We have been a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance since 2016.

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com


We create and promote educational and outreach experiences, such as the San Quintin Bay Bird Festival, interpretive tours, academic visits, photography club, art exhibitions, community workshops and internships.

Environmental ethics

By teaching the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace, we promote the development of outdoor activities in a sustainable and respectful way with nature.

Work areas

We have a presence in northwestern Mexico, and our conservation efforts are focused on ​​Baja California’s mediterranean region


Sierra San Pedro Martir

Reserva Natural Punta Mazo (2)

San Quintin

Reserva Natural Valle Tranquilo. Foto Bárbara Ramírez

El Rosario