Meet the Spokespersons of the Sentinels Campaign

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By Charlotte Vizzuett

Sentinels of Baja California find inspiration in the natural beauty of the peninsula and it motivates us to ensure the conservation of these natural spaces, from the volcanic valley and the undulating channels of the San Quintín wetland to the snowy mountains of San Pedro Mártir.

We are so excited to announce the band Meltí as spokespersons for our Sentinels of Baja California campaign.


Meltí is a Mexican band that, inspired by the natural beauty and mythology of its native Baja California peoples, fuses rhythms of trip-hop, rock, jazz and classical melodies; narrating the path of Meltí (coyote in kiliwa), a creative deity who invites us to explore the landscapes and colors of Baja California.

The band members are: César Beltrán on bass and voice, Karla Alcocer on violin and voice, Joel García on keyboard, voice and trumpet and Julio Beltrán on drums. They unite their talent to musicalize the adventures of Meltí in his exploration of the peninsula.

Thank you for joining your voice with ours, with love for Baja California.