Protection Agreement for San Quintin Bay

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By Lorena Velázquez and Antonieta Valenzuela

Terra Peninsular and the group Los Volcanes Touristic Services signed an agreement that aims to preserve the habitat of birds that live and migrate to San Quintin Bay; particularly, the black brant, a goose that migrates every year from Alaska to winter in the bay. 

Black brant hunting is a legal activity that can be practiced with a valid license, and the hunting season goes from December to February. In recent years, sport hunting has become a popular activity in San Quintin because of its diverse ecosystems, which has led to an increase in black brant poaching. 

Photo by Lorena Velázquez.

Part of the agreement includes monitoring designated no-hunting areas in the bay to ensure that black brant and other migratory birds have places to rest and feed during the close season. 

We will also design temporary and permanent signs with interpretive information about the hunting and close season to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the bay and migratory birds.

Branta negra San Quintín
Black brants. Photo by Jonathan Vargas.

Los Volcanes Touristic Services is a group of local hunters that, through SEMARNAT, has a Wildlife Conservation Management Unit (UMA for its initials in Spanish) that allows them to harvest wildlife legally and viably.

René Duarte, representative of the group, mentioned that these surveillance patrols are part of their activities and that they will now join forces with Terra Peninsular, hoping that the sum of their efforts will be fruitful and that they will be able to meet the objectives of the agreement.

For Terra Peninsular it is of utmost importance to generate alliances with the users of San Quintin Bay to ensure the good management of the area and its natural resources. 

This agreement is part of one of the objectives of the black brant habitat restoration project funded by the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Bahía San Quintín
Wetlands of San Quintin. Photo by Terra Peninsular.