Recent Photos of the Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve

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By Antonieta Valenzuela

Terra Peninsular carries out monitoring in the Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve using camera traps, and recently images were obtained showing the diversity of species that inhabit the reserve, such as bobcat, coyote, California quail, hare, deer, and badger, to name a few. On other occasions images of pumas have also been captured.

A camera traps is an automatic device that, depending on the type of camera, detects movements or changes in temperature, and send a signal to shoot and take the picture. It is a useful tool that shows evidence of species diversity at a site without human intervention.

The Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve is located between San Quintín and El Rosario and is a certified natural protected area since 2013. The reserve has an extension of 3,691.20 hectares and is home to endangered plant and animal species, hence the importance of protecting the area.

Due to the contingency, access to the nature reserve is closed, so visitors are asked to take their precautions. Once access is opened, the population will be notified on the website and the Facebook page.

It is worth mentioning that this project has been possible thanks to the support of Rainforest Trust.

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