San Pedro Mártir Hotshots

We are a highly motivated organization of wildland firefighters, educators, linguists, leaders, and holistic land management professionals.

We provide attainable wildland fire management training and consulting services to developing fire programs internationally. Each member of our staff possesses between 5 and 15 years of on the ground experience in wildland fire and land management related fields.

Since November 2019, we have collaborated with the brigade of forest fighters of the Sierra San Pedro Martir National Park, Terra Peninsular and firefighters from the municipalities of Tijuana, Ensenada and Tecate, conducting courses to strengthen their capacities in fire management.

San Pedro Martir Hotshots

What are our goals?

Strengthening our world community by giving faces to humans across international boundaries through bilateral knowledge and labor sharing.

Model equal opportunity workforce and inspire women as well as other marginalized demographics to overcome historic barriers.

Work with land managers in developing countries to increase efficiency, safety, and professionalism in their work.

Combine our diverse skill sets and experiences to work with local organizations in finding innovative solutions to difficult land management challenges.

San Pedro Mártir Hotshots

What do we do?


Sierra de San Pedro Mártir

Provide essential job skills training and “train the trainer” classes to help governmental and private fire managers develop a professional workforce. Courses are customizable based on the needs of the unit and can include the following skill areas:

  • Direct and indirect fireline construction.
  • Chainsaw use and maintenance.
  • Ignitions.
  • Fireline leadership.
  • Prescribed fire preparation and planning.
  • Fire effects monitoring.
  • Portable pumps and hoses.
  • Crew organizational structure and function.

Consulting services

San Pedro Mártir Hotshots

Provide consulting services in areas of fire and land management including:

  • Crew organization and leadership structure.
  • Prescribed fire program design.
  • Fire monitoring program creation.
  • Identifying opportunities for managing natural ignitions.
  • Hazardous fuels mitigation planning.
  • Fire prevention program implementation.
  • Hazard tree identification and mitigation planning.
  • Hiking/access trail design and construction.
  • Fire suppression training curriculum and course design.


San Pedro Mártir Hotshots

Connect land management organizations to funding sources, research institutions, and educational resources in long-term program support.

Serve as a conduit in providing essential tools and safety equipment to fire programs that do not otherwise have access.


To learn more about this project, please contact:

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  • Saruhen Ávila, Project Officer at Sierra San Pedro Martir, at

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