San Quintin Bay Waterkeeper

Terra Peninsular is a member of Waterkeeper Alliance since 2016 and through the San Quintín Bay Waterkeeper program we will seek to protect the water quality of the bay.

San Quintín Bay Waterkeeper

This program is part of the conservation efforts of Terra Peninsular in San Quintín and is supported by Waterkeeper Alliance, a US non-profit organization that connects organizations around the world to monitor, protect and ensure clean water.

As a Waterkeeper member, Terra Peninsular is committed to:

  • Monitor different areas along San Quintín Bay using protocols already established by other Waterkeepers in Baja California.
  • Patrol the area of the bay to detect environmental irregularities and submit them to the appropriate authority.
  • Publish the monitoring results on the website Swim Guide.

San Quintín Bay Waterkeeper program aims to involve local communities so that the activities of the bay are carried out in a sustainable way and conserving natural resources. Also, to guarantee clean water that allow healthy habitats for wildlife and aquatic activities development, as fishing and oyster production.

Responsible: Ricardo Domínguez, San Quintín Bay Waterkeeper Projects Associate

Importance of San Quintín Bay

The San Quintín Lagoon Complex is a place where recreational and productive activities such as aquaculture are developed.

In addition, coastal and maritime areas are winter and nesting sites, food and residence of many species, especially birds.

In addition, San Quintín Bay is a wetland of international importance by the Ramsar Convention, as well as declared as a site of international importance by the Hemispheric Shorebird Reserve Network (RHRAP) for the number of birds arriving each winter.

Some threats to this site include overexploitation of aquifers for agricultural purposes as well as discharge of brine from desalination plants operating within and around the bay.

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