The Work of Forest Firefighters

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By Charlotte Vizzuett and Antonieta Valenzuela 

The forest firefighters are the members of the brigades, firefighters and park rangers that participate in the fight of wildfires in Baja California.

During 2020, 141 fires were registered in Baja California, affecting more than 79,000 hectares and 7,717 days per person were dedicated to fighting the fires in the state. In addition, 9 out of 10 fires registered in Mexico have been caused by human activities.

The characteristics of the forest landscapes of Baja California make them very susceptible to fire, since we live in a semi-arid area with grasslands, which increases the chances of a fire spreading. And during the summer, in wooded areas there are usually thunderstorms, which are the main causes of natural fires.

Foto por Jesús Salazar
Photo by Jesús Salazar.

Every year, firefighters put their lives at risk to protect our forests, natural areas and homes. That is why this year we launched a campaign with the mission of raising funds to train and equip park rangers, firefighters and forest firefighters from San Quintin and the Sierra San Pedro Martir.

Thanks to the support of 25 donors who joined the fundraising campaign, forest firefighters will be able to carry out their activities with greater security and confidence. We also want to thank the Sierra San Pedro Martir hotshots for helping us promote this campaign and to Home Depot Mexico for donating equipment.

What will we do with your donation?

  • Strengthen and train more than 50 forest fire fighters in the state in fire prevention and fighting techniques.
  • Provide personal protective equipment, such as high temperature resistant pants, backpacks, helmets and gloves.
  • Provide materials and equipment to deal with forest fires.

Importance of the sierra

Because of the characteristics of the soil, the Sierra San Pedro Martir works like a sponge that absorbs water from rain and snow, and filters it through underground channels that create the main streams in the region, such as El Salado, San Rafael, San Telmo, Santo Domingo and San Simon.

These streams supply the aquifers of the coastal valleys of the Pacific and supply water for agricultural production, mainly Punta Colonet, Camalú, Vicente Guerrero, San Quintín and El Rosario.