Volume 4, Issue 16

Vol. 4 Issue 16 (August 2019)
  • Date of publication: August 23, 2019
  • Volume: 4
  • Issue: 16
  • Cover photo: Jonathan Vargas


Terra News

“Coastal Solutions Project in Bahía de Todos Santos” by Jonathan Vargas (page 5)

Article | Economic development

“Management Units for Wildlife Conservation” by Ricardo Eaton and Jorge Andrade (page 11)

Creative Focus

“First Exhibition of the Huellas Volcánicas Photography Club” by Claudia Guzmán y Mirna Borrego (page 15)

Terra Fact

“Ecosystem Services Provided by Bats” by Jorge Andrade (page 19)

Article | Conservation

“Towards the Creation of a Biological Corridor in Baja California” by Gustavo P. Lorenzana and Verónica Meza (page 21)

Put into Practice

“How to Make Compost Step by Step” by Adriana Puma, Carolina Armijo and Mark Lupio (page 26)

Article | Diversity

“Fog Lichens of the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve” by Steven D. Leavitt, Felix Grewe and María de los Ángeles Herrera Campos (page 27)


“A Journey Worth Taking: Baja California” by Daniela Gómez de la Maza (page 29)


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