We Are Part of RED OJA

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By Mariana Espinosa

In March 2021, Terra Peninsular joined the RED OJA, a network to strengthen and make visible the collective work of young people in forests and territorial connectivity.

By being part of this network we will have the opportunity to make visible the efforts we make in Baja California, connect and join actions with other organizations in the country and in Latin America that have the purpose of conserving ecosystems. 

Integrante RED OJA

For now, we are working collectively to identify common themes. Despite being separated by thousands of kilometers by mountains, valleys and borders, the actions of the organizations are very similar between each one, for example, the conservation of the monarch butterfly, environmental education, ecotourism, conservation of native flora and fauna, among others. 

RED OJA emerged in 2012 as an initiative of Reforestamos México through programs to improve alliances with organizations focused on forest conservation.

The network works mainly with three lines of action: strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations, territorial connectivity and environmental culture. All based on the exchange of experiences, workshops, webinars and other experiences that help to connect more than 15 organizations in Latin America dedicated to conservation.

Find more information on their website http://redoja.org/