Wetlands and a New Nature Reserve

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By Antonieta Valenzuela

Did you know that San Quintin is a wetland of international importance? This area was designated on February 2, 2008, the same day we celebrate World Wetlands Day.

Photo by Club Huellas Volcánicas.

Wetlands are land areas that are flooded with water, either seasonally or permanently. These are very important ecosystems where animals shelter and feed, wetlands also provide many benefits:

  • Filtering our water.
  • Ensuring biodiversity.
  • Protecting our coastlines.
  • Mitigating climate change. 

Also, wetlands are perfect to contemplate and enjoy nature.

Photo by Roberto Chino.

Within the Ramsar site there are natural protected areas where endangered species are protected, and this week we also celebrate the creation of the San Quintin Nature Reserve, the first state nature reserve in Baja California.

Photo by Roberto Chino.