What Does It Mean To Be An Authorized Donee?

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By Mercedes Vega

One of the major concerns of non-profit organizations is obtaining financial resources to carry out their activities, whether they work to promote and protect human rights, provide support for economically disadvantaged people or protecting the environment.

An alternative solution to the lack of resources is the diversification of funding sources, and being an authorized donee in Mexico to receive donations from abroad is a totally feasible strategy for organizations already established.

Terra Peninsular is an authorized donee in Mexico since 2014 and we have the fiscal sponsorship of the International Community Foundation (ICF) and Endangered Habitats League (EHL) in the United States, this way people who donate in that country can request tax-deductible receipts to our fiscal sponsors.

What does it mean for an organization to be and authorized donee in Mexico?

  • Accessing national and international lists to receive economic resources from foundations, companies and people or even receiving an inheritance from someone.
  • Having legal certainty to receive donations by being included at the Official Gazette of the Federation in Mexico every year.

What does it mean to donate to an authorized donee?

  • The donor -an individual or a company- can request a tax-deductible receipt after the donation.

Learn how to make your contribution to Terra Peninsular here and support our conservation projects in Baja California.

For more information and to request a tax-deductible receipt, please contact us at administracion@terrapeninsular.org

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