Why Are Trails Important?

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By Vitza Cabrera

Roads or trails are the beginning of an adventure. They are the trace that marks the course that will take us from one place to another, allowing us to discover and giving us the possibility to reach new heights or enjoy new landscapes. 

If we think about it, roads are part of our daily life. They allow us to get from our house to the market or to visit a friend. They give us the possibility to transport ourselves without much hassle. 

Turismo responsable en San Quintín
Trail in the Sudoeste volcano in the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve. Photo by Dzoara Rubio.

In the world of outdoor activities, trails (whether for hiking, biking, horseback riding or any other activity) allow us to enter a world that is outside of the routine and explore our abilities. 

In the last few months, outdoor activities have seen a huge growth. People have been going out to explore our surroundings in order to get away and stay safe and sound. 

Safe and sound is precisely one of the goals of trails, which is to allow the user to explore a new world in an accessible way while minimizing the risk of getting hurt, falling or getting lost. At the same time, they seek to protect the beauty of the place we visit. 

Walking along a path delimited and designed for its use, allows the area to be preserved and the impact of our visit to be minimal so that with the passing of the days and years, the place does not lose that unique characteristic that made us go there for the first time. 

Delimitación de caminos
Delimitación de caminos en la estación Mirador Volcánico.

When walking through San Quintin Bay, it might seem that the trails or paths we walk along are simply there and have always been there. However, behind each one there is a great story: how it was built, the first people who walked it, or its change over time. 

However, the weather, rain, wind, fog, tides and constant use inevitably generate an impact, which, without proper maintenance and restoration would eventually wear them down and make them unusable, forcing us to build new ones and thus, impacting the area and the undisputed beauty of the bay. 

Trail in the Monte Ceniza Nature Reserve.

Maintaining the trails in the best conditions allows us to ensure their accessibility and safety, as well as to preserve the volcanic valley. 

To continue promoting the safe use and sustainable enjoyment of the area, earlier this year we set about the task of restoring some of the trails in the Monte Ceniza and Punta Mazo Nature Reserves.

Thanks to the hard work, inventiveness, imagination and effort of our park rangers, fellow staff members and 6 community rangers from the Chapala ejido, we were able to improve some of them. 

Four of the six community park rangers who participated in the program.

We worked on improving the slope, delimiting the spaces, restoring some interpretive stations and creating others, installing planters, placing steps, diverting the water course and safeguarding the space, taking care of the vegetation and making these trails an accessible place that allows all visitors to enjoy the landscape, reach the top of the volcanoes, have a glimpse of the wetlands and thus, step by step, be transformed, amazed and delighted with the natural beauty of the bay.

Discover them, explore them and preserve them!

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