Between April and September

Members of the project

This campaign was launched by Terra Peninsular together with:

  • Pacífica at Ensenada Bay
  • Ellos Son La Razón
  • Contacto Salvaje
  • Zona Federal Marítimo Terrestre del XXII Ayuntamiento de Ensenada


This is a campaign launched by Terra Peninsular to protect shorebirds that breed on the beaches of Ensenada between April and September.

  1. Install a seasonal fence on the beach.
  2. Rescue and rehabilitate homeless dogs on the beach.
  3. Organize environmental education events.
  4. Ban vehicles on the beach.
  5. Organize beach cleanups.


  • Press conference on June 5, 2018 to announce the campaign “La Playa Es De Todos” (The beach belongs to everyone, in English).
  • World Environment Day Celebration on June 9, 2018.
  • Monitoring the area to register snowy plover’s nests.
  • Installing a seasonal fence to protect the nesting area of the snowy plover.
  • Launching a petition to banto ban vehicles on the beach of Ensenada on www.change.org
  • Rescue and rehabilitation of homeless dogs in the area.
  • Organize a beach cleanup on September 22 in front of Pacífica and La Lagunita to celebrate the International Coastal Cleanup.

How to help?

  • Please don’t litter and help keep the beach clean
  • Leash your dog and walk away from the birds
  • Walk outside of the seasonal fence
  • Don’t drive ATVs and cars on the beach
  • Sign the petition to ban vehicles on the beach of Ensenada in Mexico!