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Each year the forest brigades risk their lives to protect our forests. With your support they will carry out their activities with greater security and confidence.

How will we use your donation?

  • Buy the right tools and equipment for successful field work.
  • Provide gear to stay safe during high risk activities.
  • Continue and strengthen the training program for fire prevention and fire fighting techniques.
Incendios en la sierra
Incendios en la sierra

Wildfire season

We live in a semi-arid area with grasslands, this increases the risk that wildfires will spread. The wildfire season is between March and November, and the most critical months are between June and September.

In the last two years, Baja California had 220 wildfires that burned over 79,000 hectares. Over 12,000 people helped to mitigate them, including park rangers, volunteers and brigades.

The San Pedro Martir Forest Brigade is a community group made up of residents of Ex-hacienda Sinaloa, as well as park rangers from the Sierra San Pedro Martir National Park and volunteers.


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