How Many Nature Reserves Are in San Quintin?

By Antonieta Valenzuela

Baja California is a unique place where you can find a variety of landscapes: sandy beaches, mountains, pine forests, wetlands, matorral, agaves, volcanoes and amazing sunsets. Due to urban growth, these natural areas are more vulnerable; the habitats of thousands of plants and animals are in danger of being destroyed.

Our mission is to protect natural areas, and one way to do it is through a certificate by the federal government known as Area Destined for Conservation.

In the region of San Quintin and El Rosario there are 4 nature reserves certified in this category:

  • Punta Mazo Nature Reserve.
  • Monte Ceniza Nature Reserve.
  • Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve.
  • San Quintin Nature Reserve.
Volcán Sudoeste en la Reserva Natural Punta Mazo
Photo by Antonieta Valenzuela.

Punta Mazo Nature Reserve

Punta Mazo is located south of La Chorera in San Quintin. There are 2 extinct volcanoes within the nature reserve, one of them is the Sudoeste volcano. It’s a certified area since 2014 and is protected by Terra Peninsular.

Photo by Alejandro Arias.

Monte Ceniza Nature Reserve

Located right in the center of the bay, this is a place where you can see great blue herons, black blants, antelope squirrels, falcons and even coyotes. There is an interpretive trail and a volcano, it is also very close to the oyster farms. It’s a certified area since 2017 and is protected by Terra Peninsular.

Reserva Natural Monte Ceniza
Photo by Antonieta Valenzuela.

Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve

This is a pristine place that stands out for its variety of plants, birds and mammals. The nature reserve is home to mammals such as pumas, bobcats, deers, coyotes and badgers. It’s a certified area since 2013 and is protected by Terra Peninsular.

Puma seen at the Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve.

San Quintin Nature Reserve

This nature reserve is a property of the Baja California State Government. It was certified on February 2, 2021 as an area destined for conservation.

Reserva Natural San Quintín
Photo by Roberto Chino.

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