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Áreas naturales protegidas en Baja California
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By Vitza Cabrera

What is a trail counter?

A trail counter is a device that allows us to count the number of persons that use a trail or road.

How does it work?

This specific counter de detects and counts people (hikers, joggers, cyclists, cars, etc.) on trails, paths or roads. It continually monitors the amount of infrared energy within its field of view and when there is a significant change from the ambient amount, it records a count.

Why do we want to count trail users?

This forms part of the Public Use Program of Bahía de San Quintin. Counters allow
us to understand how people enjoy this places. Do they use them more in the
weekends or during the week? for example.

Knowing this will help improve the management of the reserves and make better decisions about the services and facilities that are required to practice outdoor activities safely and also to keep protecting this beautiful place.

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