The seven principles of Leave No Trace are a useful and practical guide for anyone to enjoy nature and outdoor activities responsibly.

Since 2018 we have been community members of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, and we promote these principles through talks, webinars and training courses. By promoting the skills of this philosophy, we want to contribute to healthy natural protected areas.

We have trained more than 30 people as trainers
together with NOLS Mexico, in addition to providing workshops and webinars on environmental ethics.

Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships.

This program promotes skills and principles to support the sustainable use of public lands. The idea was born in the 1970s in the United States as a way to minimize the impact of outdoor recreation on natural areas.

Curso entrenador No Deje Rastro

The first training course was in 2018, staff from Sierra San Pedro Martir National Park participated, as well as people from El Rosario and San Quintin.

Curso entrenador No Deje Rastro

Park rangers and people from San Quintin and Ensenada participated in the second training course in 2019.

Webinars No Deje Rastro

More than 100 people participated in the series of webinars that we gave in 2020 for free.

Festival de las Aves San Quintín

The San Quintin Bay Bird Festival is developed under the Leave No Trace principles and is a low environmental impact event.

In 2021 we organized a workshop aimed at tourism service providers from San Telmo and San Quintin, forestry brigade members and park rangers.

Festival de las Aves San Quintín

Seven principles

Plan ahead and prepare

Travel and camp on durable surfaces

Dispose of waste properly

Leave what you find

Minimize campfire impacts

Respect wildlife

Be considerate of other visitors

We’re committed to promoting and applying the seven principles in our conservation projects, and we’re convinced that good living is related to the quality of our environment.

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