San Quintín Bay Bird Festival

Clausura del 5to. Festival de las Aves de la Bahía de San Quintín.

The Bird Festival began in 2015 to promote the protection of birds in San Quintín Bay.

This is an annual event organized by local communities together with Terra Peninsular, a Mexican non-profit organization that works on land protection

The festival is an opportunity for participants to enjoy activities focused on birds and nature, such as hiking, guided bird walks, boat tours and photography. Adults, families and children are welcome!

Also, this is an event that has an economic impact on local communities.

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Wait for the next festival in November 2021!

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About San Quintín Bay

San Quintín Bay is located 4 hours away from San Diego, California.

Between October and December, San Quintín Bay provides an amazing backdrop for the Bird Festival, it is an opportunity for visitors to witness the fall migration.

Things you didn’t know about San Quintín Bay:

  • One of the best preserved wetlands in the Pacific coast
  • Well known for its oyster farms
  • There are 2 nature reserves within the bay
  • Home to over 25,000 birds during the winter
  • There are 11 extinct volcanoes
  • Close to the Sierra de San Pedro National Park
  • The coastal sage scrub around the bay is one of the most extensive patches in the state

Bird migration: an epic journey

San Quintín Bay is a stopover along the Pacific Flyway, this is a route used by thousands of migratory birds.

Over 25,000 migratory shorebirds arrive to the bay each year.

Protecting each of the stopover sites is important so birds survive during migration. Birds and people can share these habitats! 

The black brant is an emblematic species that breeds in Alaska, and migrates to spend the winter in San Quintín Bay.

What to expect at the San Quintín Bay Bird Festival?

  • Outdoor activities focused on birds and nature
  • Birdwatching tours
  • Hiking and camping
  • Oceanfront party with local communities
  • Eat the best oysters along the coast
  • Clear skies to see the stars
  • Wildlife photography
  • Birdwatching marathon for beginners and experts
  • A low impact event that promotes the 7 principles of Leave No Trace
  • Art exhibition and murals 
  • Lectures by bird experts

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