Tips for Being a Responsible Tourist

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We need natural areas! These are places to enjoy outdoor activities and to be in touch with nature. Visiting these places is a great responsibility, since as tourists we can have a positive impact on the place we visit.

Photo by Dzoara Rubio.

How to be a responsible tourist?

Due to COVID-19, we are spending more time in nature to support our well-being and relieve anxiety or stress. Be prepared for your next adventure with this list of tips for being a responsible tourist.

  1. Take care of wildlife, respect animals and plants. These places are for everyone, don’t take plants with you and don’t disturb birds, insects and other living beings.
  2. Be careful with fire. Fire can be very damaging to natural areas, don’t burn garbage and be very careful with campfires.
  3. Don’t litter and if you find garbage on the way, take it with you.
  4. Know and respect the communities that live near natural areas.
  5. Enjoy the facilities and public use areas, respect the infrastructure, walk on the trails, and don’t vandalize the signs, as they are designed and installed to improve your experience and that of other visitors.
  6. Respect other visitors, avoid excessive noise or behavior that destroys the area, if you see any behavior like this, notify the park rangers.
  7. Plan ahead, find out about the weather, the tides, prepare your clothes and gear, and plan your arrival or departure time.
  8. Respect the access paths, avoid traveling on unauthorized paths or trails under restoration, thus contributing to maintaining the area.
  9. Meet the park rangers and for your safety, register and inform where you will be. In case of an accident they can help you.
  10. Contribute to the protection of natural areas and if you can, make a donation, or if the option exists, pay the corresponding fee. By doing this you help maintain the natural area.
Photo by Dzoara Rubio.


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