We are a Mexican land conservation organization dedicated to protect the ecosystems of the peninsula of Baja California.

To date, we protect 138,086.46 acres of natural areas in Baja California.


Terra Peninsular conserves and protects the natural ecosystems and wildlife of the Baja California peninsula.


The natural resources of the Baja California peninsula are protected and managed for sustainable uses that are compatible with ecological processes.


  • Biodiversity and habitat protection
  • Scientific integrity
  • Mexican identity and cosmopolitan feeling
  • Strategic alliances
  • Professional integrity
  • Responsible resource management
  • Communication and transparency

Conservation strategies

  • Land Protection. This conservation strategy is responsible for identifying and defining priority conservation sites. It also finds and applies the management tools that best suit their characteristics to ensure that conservation efforts are permanent.
  • Adaptive Management. This strategy seeks to ensure that the ecological processes within the natural areas that are already being protected stay healthy. In order to do this, we perform biological and landscape monitoring surveillance programs, infrastructure and restoration activities, and we take care of the visitors that come to the reserves.
  • Community Engagement. This strategy seeks to achieve and active, conscious and autonomous participation of the community in conservation activities.

Areas of interest

We have presence in northwestern Mexico and our conservation efforts are concentrated in the the western coastal area of ​​Baja California, mainly in Ensenada, Sierra de San Pedro Martir, San Quintin and El Rosario.

Map of Terra Peninsular's conservation actions

Importance of Baja California

Baja California is an area of great ecological importance because the characteristics of the region allow the presence of endemic flora and fauna species, this means they can only be found in this area.

Some of these species are the snowy plover, Anthony’s liveforever, the Baja California legless lizard and the San Quintín kangaroo rat.

The northwesten area of Baja California is the only place in Mexico that has a Mediterranean climate.

This type of climate only occurs in 5 places around the world: the Mediterranean Basin, central Chile, South Africa, Southwest and South Australia, and California and northern Baja California.

Mediterranean Climate.png

Also, Baja California is a key location for birds, since it is a stopover and breeding site for different species. It is also located within the Pacific Flyway, a migratory route used by migratory shorebirds twice a year.


Terra Peninsular was created in response to a threat of massive habitat loss in San Quintín Bay as a means to counteract the damaging effects and potential total destruction of this bay.

At that time, there was no organization that had the legal feasibility of buying lands for conservation, something similar to what already existed in the United States with The Nature Conservancy.

In Mexico, although there were very strong and good organizations, they did not have the capacity or legal argument in their statues to acquire lands.

For this reason, on April 20, 2001, Terra Peninsular was created as a land conservation organization to protect the ecosystems of the peninsula of Baja California.

We were was founded by a group of conservationists and scientists concerned about protecting and conserving the natural ecosystems and wildlife of the peninsula of Baja California.