About Terra Peninsular

Terra Peninsular

Terra Peninsular is a Mexican non-profit organization dedicated to environmental conservation in Baja California.

It was founded in 2001 in Ensenada by a group of conservationists and scientists concerned about protecting and conserving the natural ecosystems and wildlife of the peninsula of Baja California.

Terra Peninsular has managed to position itself as one of the leading civil associations in Baja California in terms of habitat protection, adaptive management, and community engagement.

Aware that the flora, fauna and landscapes that we have in the peninsula are unique in the world and of global importance to many species, our conservation efforts have a solid scientific basis to ensure that future generations can enjoy this natural heritage.

Over the years, one of our greatest achievements has been to protect over 130,000 acres throughout the peninsula, which includes the protection of certified nature reserves, coastal wetlands and sites of importance to migratory birds. In addition, we have had a positive impact through temporary employment programs for vulnerable communities, reforestation, reintroduction of species and development of sustainable projects, among other activities.

Our logo was designed to represent a native plant of Baja California: Agave shawii. A succulent plant found only in the Pacific coast of Baja California and a representative species of the maritime succulent scrub region, a vegetation type found in the region.



Terra Peninsular conserves and protects the natural ecosystems and wildlife of the Baja California peninsula.


The natural resources of the Baja California peninsula are protected and managed for sustainable uses that are compatible with ecological processes.

Institutional values

  • Biodiversity and habitat protection

We have the obligation of protecting the world’s unique natural habitats and, in particular, those found over the Baja California peninsula. Natural beauty should be maintained with the guarantee of landscape and ecological integrity. We are committed to finding solutions that balance the development of resources with the sensitivity of the land and its sustainable use.

  • Scientific integrity

All biodiversity conservation and protection efforts have a sound scientific basis. This guarantees not only credibility about the work we take on, but also ensures that we are focused on high priority habitats.

  • Mexican identity and cosmopolitan feeling

We are a non-profit organization established in Mexico with a Mexican identity, but with a cosmopolitan feel. Aware that the magnitude of our actions cannot be thought on a local scale, we collaborate with friends and sympathizers from all over the world.

  • Strategic alliances

Happy to know that we are not alone, and aware of the limited resources, we believe it is appropriate to make better use of the available resources by working closely with other organizations that share common values and interests.

  • Professional integrity

All Terra Peninsular board members, staff and volunteers act with honesty, integrity and transparency in our work as representatives of the organization. We promote an environmental work that values respect, equity and honesty.

  • Responsible resource management

Aware of the trust our associates place on each of their contributions, Terra Peninsular seeks the highest standards of management, governance and transparency in the management of the resources with which we operate, always working towards sustainability.

  • Communication and transparency

We seek that our communication is always sincere, effective, constant, and timely, in order to build a relationship of trust with our collaborators based on a solid structure of accountability and access to information.